What We Treat

Some of the most inventive medicines, devices, and procedures in the world

Together with the doctors we serve, we strive to understand patients as individuals seeking to live fulfilled lives, express themselves, and fully experience all the world has to offer.

Allergan's portfolio of products includes some of the most inventive medicines, devices, and procedures in the world. These products empower choice for medical specialists and their patients in a variety of specialty areas to meet a diverse set of needs.

Eye diseases such as glaucoma and dry eye impact the sight of millions of people each year. Neurologic disorders, such as cervical dystonia, impair function and subject sufferers to chronic pain that can narrow and constrain their daily lives. Many of our products and medical devices are aimed at addressing these and similar conditions – some well known and widespread, others rare and frequently misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness. All, however, threaten patients' quality of life and present treatment challenges that we are focused on overcoming.


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Eye Care
Allergan is about discovering and developing new therapeutic agents to protect and preserve vision.
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Medical Aesthetics
Thanks to the many scientific advances in medicine over the last century, people are living longer, healthier lives.
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Allergan is a world leader in neuromodulator therapy and neurosciences.
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At Allergan, we recognise the serious implications of urologic disorders and, in 2014, Allergan created a dedicated Urology division within the organisation to focus on meeting the needs of urologists and their patients.

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