Facial Aesthetics

World Leader in Medical Aesthetics

As the world leader in medical aesthetics, Allergan is deeply committed to Cosmetic Medicine to help you feel and look your best. Allergan achieve this by providing innovative products that are of the highest quality and provide science-based aesthetic solutions to our Healthcare Professionals. These products include:-

Dermal Fillers – rejuvenate and enhance facial features with natural looking and feeling results. It is injected below the skins surface to ‘fill-in’ wrinkles, ‘plump-up’ small areas such as the lips, and ‘re-volumise’ large areas like cheeks.

Injectable Muscle Relaxant – a treatment option for those areas where repeated muscle movement is causing your ‘dynamic’ lines to turn into more permanent ‘static’ wrinkles. It is a natural purified protein that targets specific muscles involved in wrinkle formation to make a visible difference, leaving you with a refreshed, relaxed and natural look.

Allergan is a global facial aesthetics franchise offering aesthetic specialty physicians and their patients a comprehensive array of innovative aesthetic products for a Total Face Approach through treatment planning. Allergan's philosophy around treatment planning is to ensure physicians achieve great patient outcomes due to focusing on a step by step approach to rejuvenation to create a very natural looking result.

The areas that can be treated are shown below:

Total Face Approach

For more information visit a cosmetic clinic for a consultation and discuss your options.

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